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StorBack is a backup provider for all level enterprises. Our software can backup your shared network drives, as well as multiple computers all under one reasonable package.
StorBack supports all platforms and file types, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus, SQL Servers and more.
StorBack is a great way to save all your emails and contacts. With our Exchange Brick Level option, you can easily restore an individual message without restoring the full database.
Continuous Data Protection. With this option StorBack backs up every changed file as it is saved. Thus if your hard drive fails before the scheduled backup. you are still protected. This is ideal for laptop users who are not allways connected when the scheduled backup is set to start.
Multiple Sets. User is entiteled to have various backup sets. Each set can backup different file types and can be customized individually to fit their needs.
StorBack offers Retention Customization, user will be able to set the time for how long to save a deleted file for future restoring. Among several amazing features offered by StorBack, data retention helps users be 100% secure.
StorBack provides complete Image Backups, backed up image containing the complete operating system and installed applications with the latest configurations and settings, along with all data, can be restored easily to any hardware.
Using StorBack software user gets the Option to backup to a local server so user gets two backups for the price of one! In special situations where local backup server is required within the premises StorBack software can be easily deployed functioning as local onsite backup server with user’s machine.
 The features that Storback offers are amazing, I run a large company and knowing that all my system platforms are backed up is very important to me. 
- David, Monticello, NY