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For Enterprise and Home Data Security
For the ease of customers Storback offers three types of packages. Pro-Stor solutions package is for Business users, Safe-Stor software solution for home users.

Pro-Stor software solution Package for Business users

  • Specially design Pro-Stor for business users, under this package StorBack can provide backup services to many users in the same organization.
  • Pro-Stor provides backup services to network shared drives.
  • Pro-Stor allows backup services to a variety of platforms and types of files.
  • Software allows users to customize many options including schedule, retention, local backup etc...

Safe-Stor Software Solution for Home Users

  • Home users generally hold small number of data.
  • Home users can easily backup their outlook file.
  • SafeStor offers easy restoring for home users.

In House Offsite Solution for Large Companies

StorBack offers Economic Enterprise solution package to large sized companies. Such companies usually maintain large number of data and multiple locations world wide, to provide backup services to all remote multiple locations, we can setup equipment at remote location and set them with our software so that all worldwide centers of the company can easily backup to that location.

 From the beginning when they helped me setup, to when I needed help restoring, StorBack was with me %100! 
- Rachel, New York, NY
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